Important update:

We will be retiring the SmarterMail mail service in the near future. We suggest moving to Outlook/MS 365 or gMail.

Information on how to move to a different mail server:
Create an account at
You can create an Outlook account for free or you can sign up to have access to the suite of tools MS offers (Word, Excel etc).
If you want to use your same email name @ your then you’ll need a business account. For $6 a month you can have access to the suite of tools offered for small businesses. If you only want email, you can have accounts for $4 per month.

Note: the basic $4 a month account is on Microsoft Exchange.

We can also Migrate all your email to Outlook/MS without losing any of them. This requires a few added steps like registering your domain name but then you will have the same email address and your past emails.

Once you have your account(s) set up you can further administer them at these links:

Helpful Info/Links:

Helpful links:
1) How to view other people’s emails as an Administrator.

2) How to use your own Domain with MS Outlook or Exchange

3) How to configure an iPhone to use Outlook/MS email accounts with your own domain name:
Open Settings

4) Alias use

5) How to see Microsoft Mail Server settings and choose if you want POP or IMAP (IMAP is default).


Welcome to our new eMail resources

Login to Webmail

Send / Receive email or update / change settings for your account

Updates and Information

The Mail Server is responsible for Sending and Receiving Mail.

7-25-2019Visual Illustration on eMail flow
The following graphic and description show how email is stored on a Mail Server and your Devices.

Webmail is a means of accessing the Mail Server directly. It is also used for Administration of User accounts and other Settings.

Mobile Phones access the Mail Server and allow sending or receiving. Suggested protocol: IMAP

Desktop Email Programs work like email programs in mobile phones. But, Desktop Computers generally have more space to save data such as emails. Suggested protocol: POP

SUMMARY: You have three methods of email send and delivery. You also have the options of what type of protocol you use. We suggest setting up your main Desktop Computer as a POP connection and add the setting to DELETE email after 1 or 2 weeks. This allows your mail server space to be efficiently managed. Because the email will remain on the server for 1 or 2 weeks, all your mobile devices will have access to your emails.

This image shows the best practices recommended for multiple devices connecting to an email account:

Best practices

11-15-2018 – Added Security
We’ve updated our mail server to force mail through one IP address so as to better validate emails and allow better delivery. Please be sure to point your sending and receiving mail servers to ““.

4-2-2018 – Migrating to Thunderbird
Great email program that allows advanced features. PC and Mac friendly!. Click here for more information..

3-21-2018 – Shared Calendar information
Share a Company Calendar with your Employees. Click here for more information on setting this Shared Resource up.

3-7-2018 – New Anti-spam Subject Line appendments
If you see any of your email with this in the Subject Line: “Weight >15 SPAM?
It means the email failed a number of spam tests and has a weight (accumulated total points) greater than 15. Keep an eye out to make sure that no non-spam emails are caught in this group. If so please forward the email to and we’ll review to make sure there are no problems in our email filters.

If we don’t find any “false positives” in the next month or so, we’ll update the spam filters to delete rather than appending the subject line.

Note; you also have the option of overriding our settings however you like.


2-27-2018 – New Anti-spam added today. We’ve added Arm Research Message Sniffer.
Migrated this page to WordPress because it will allow faster releases of new information.
We also plan on providing information on how to avoid Hoaxes and Scams.

Mail is now updated to SmarterMail version 16.*

Change to login methods. We now use a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate when sending mail. Please change your send and receive email servers to use “” for both send and recieve email servers. Also select SSL secure connection when you have that choice.

Settings – both sending and recieving servers use and both use SSL
Sending (SMTP) IMAP  
Port: 465  
Incoming IMAP  
Port: 143
Sending (SMTP) POP  
Port: 587
Incoming POP  
Port: 995

Iphone settings animation:


Example of setting up SSL in Outlook (POP and IMAP)

Please make sure your passwords are secure like this one: “tEg6Cif9Dak6tE”

Need a new eMail Client/Program? Thunderbird is free and works well, allowing rules and all the latest features.

Animation on how to set up Thunderbird

Need IMAP for your iPhone or iPad?

Here are directions for changing your email from POP to IMAP.

What is IMAP? Here are some articles that provide how IMAP works:

Article one – Clear definition and examples

Article two – Wikipedia more details explanation

How secure is your password?

Check here to test your password and learn how fast it could be cracked by a competent hacker.

Traveling out of the country?

Many of the Internet Service Providers in foreign countries do not allow the sending of mail on the usual Port 25.

To help allow customers to still use their Smart Phones, Tablet Devices etc, we have created an alternative port for sending email. You can also use this setting here in the States so making the change prior to a vacation might save some valuable relaxation time. To change your sending port, select your SMTP settings for the account you want to change. Next change the port value to 587. Save and send a test message to confirm. Example.


I usually get more mails what happenedGreylisting has been restarted with the upgrade

Greylisting has restarted so there will be a delay (usually 20 minutes) as all email senders are cataloged and allowed to pass the second time they come back.

Spam from Zombie machines can not resend like a real mail server making this a very effective anti-spam method. Note you can turn off grey listing under your Account Settings if you like.

Apple iPad and web mail – Click here

Help center for SmarterMail

Tips for setting up Mac Mail

Tips for setting up Pc Mail clients

Migrate Contacts